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Applause from the kids

"Kids who have never worked with you have no idea what they're missing!"
-Chloe Tucker (alumnus, 6 years with CCLO)
“I made my best friends at CCLO and I learned more about myself than I could ever imagine. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do. Kids are lucky to know you!
– Hana Mogulescu (6 years with CCLO)

“Whether on stage performing with CCLO, working on the alumni crew back stage, or on staff teaching, CCLO has been the happiest part of my life!”
– Melissa Becker(with CCLO since 1994)

“Thank you for everything you have taught me. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for inspiring me.   You made me into the performer I am today. Thank you for the best program ever!” Kiera Bloore, (4 years with CCLO)

CCLO was an incredible experience! When I started I was shy and soft-spoken, and then the staff challenged me by giving me one of the loudest parts in the show and I overcame my shyness and learned how to feel free on stage! Performing with CCLO brings people together, it is extremely fun and it's a great learning experience. I made a ton of new friends, and I gained a lot of self-confidence. What more could you ask for in a theatre program?!
- Alex Ring (2nd year with CCLO)
“After Disneyland, CCLO is the second happiest place on earth!” Amanda Payton (6 years with CCLO)

“This is the best camp I have ever been to and you’re the funniest people I have ever met.”
Elisa Richter(2 years with CCLO)

“I always felt comfortable making mistakes, and when I asked for help, everyone was so nice. That’s how I improved. I used to be so shy in front of people….not anymore!” – Andrea Nevil (with CCLO since 1998)

“CCLO was the best part of growing up!”
– Brian Jaffe (11 years with CCLO)

“Music, dancing, singing, silliness, discipline, joy, camaraderie, love, respect and trust…. a few gifts that came as a result of having in my life.”
Meghan Mackenzie (7 years with CCLO)

“Thank you so much for an amazing summer! I wish I started CCLO when I was younger; I learned so much and made so many amazing friendships! Thank you for the best summer of my life. I’m looking forward to next summer!”
– Cody Metzger, 2 years with CCLO
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