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Applause from the parents

“We did not understand, until we saw with our own eyes, the astounding level of excellence the CCLO team attains. You allowed my daughter to experience true quality – something unbelievably rare in programming for children these days.” – Aviva Winocur
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“CCLO has been sprinkled with magic for our daughter since day one. The great leaps in passion, self-confidence and theatrical skills you have nurtured in her during the past several years have exceeded anything we ever dreamed.” – Chris and Patty Nevil

“CCLO’s one-on-one with their students is immeasurable, their energy endless, their directorship superb.”
- Jeff Melvoin

“I admire your patience, I notice the attention you pay to every detail, I love to watch you create stars, I marvel at the way you pull it all together. I am proud to “give” you my son during the summer. CCLO is an incredible team!”
– Jackie Sharpe

“Thank you for everything you do….it is bigger than we all know. The depth of life long lessons taught by you is so appreciated. You mentor our kids and we are blessed to have you in our lives!”Billie Burnor

“CCLO has been instrumental in giving our three children experiences that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives!” – Dari and Robert Mackenzie

“At the end of our first summer with CCLO, when we went to see the show, we were blown away by the sets and costumes, but especially by the kids! We had no idea a kids’ summer show could be so good and what my daughter was able to do took us by surprise.”Connie Josefs

“Your energy and dedication to these kids is amazing! We really appreciate the extra effort you make to provide equal amounts of constructive criticism and praise. Our son grew so much!”Mindy Eads

“A million thank-you’s for running a terrific program. Our son could not have been happier. You are so adept at getting every child to do his or her best! “ – Mary MacVean

“I’ve never seen kids come out of their shell and their shyness so quickly as they do at CCLO. Your programs are head and shoulders above anything else out there!”
– Cheryl Tawil

“CCLO is an asset to the Los Angeles community!”
Barbra Night

“Your workshop did miracles for my kids’ self-confidence and self-image. Thank you!” – Jocelyn Cowan

“The CCLO Staff has the ability to blend age groups together so they all end up sharing the challenge of creating their goal together and helping each other grow no matter what level of talent they may posses.” – Mary Margaret Becker

“From CCLO performer to CCLO lighting designer; from CCLO to NYU; from NYU to Broadway and Madonna’s tour. Thank you for giving my son the gift of theatre.” – Mary Fitzgerald

“My children planned their summers around CCLO for years. Once winter break was over, they counted down the days until they could return for another sensational summer. Now, as alumni, they can not wait to return to continue participating back stage.” - Mary Schachner

“CCLO is not only an ensemble, it’s a family. Not only have our children made life-long friends through CCLO, we parents have made lasting friendships, as well.”Angela Samstag

“Our child blossomed under the care of CCLO. Within weeks, he was more confident, cheerful, outgoing and helpful.”Jean Ballentine

“Thank you for all your expert advice. You are great with our kids, both on stage and off!”
– Deborah and Jerry Bloore

“Thank you for years of summer experiences that resulted in our kids feeling that they accomplished something meaningful, were part of a community and stretched themselves just a little bit further.” Janet Ames

“Thank you for the gift of CCLO!”Craig Erlick

“I recently had the pleasure of seeing your summer production of “Joseph…” and I must say that it was the best youth production I have ever seen. I have been part of many ensembles, but I have never experienced directors like you with so much patience and devotion who give each cast member a chance to shine in such a professional manner.”
– Melissa Bertolone, audience member

“It was wonderful to see such energetic and talented kids doing one of my favorite shows.”
Joel Pressman, Theatrical Director (Beverly Hills High School)

“CCLO combines humor and fun with hard work and dedication.” – Robin Weintraub

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